The Annual Canoe Reunion

It was the tradition of our canoe group to hold an annual reunion to celebrate the completion of yet another northern canoe trip. As usual, the gatherings provided an opportunity to re-live all the exciting moments of yet another memorable wilderness adventure.  Along with some fine wines and good food, stories and photos are shared including perhaps, a few good humoured exaggerations about what really took place on the river.

On November 18, 2017 a reunion of all members of the Arctic and Rideau Canal Canoe Club was held at Massey College in Toronto. It was an evening of fun, tall tales and good natured banter hosted by Tim and Susan Kotcheff. (Thanks to David Silcox whose association with Massey College allowed us to hold the party in this wonderful setting)

Guest Tables

The Dinner


The Arctic Council

Back in 1990 and 1991, two canoe reunions were held at Bob Fowler’s farm in Quebec. The surprise guest in ’91 was none other than former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who was cross country skiing with his companion in the open and wooded areas adjacent to the Fowler farm. Pierre accompanied the canoe team on the Hanbury River in 1979 and in the years to come he would join us once again on the Stikine and later, the Petawawa River.

In the summer of ’90, the canoe team tackled the Ajaqutalik – a remote, wild, and stunningly beautiful river on the Melville Peninsula.

Canoe Reunion – 1991

1991 Reunion

Back row L-R: Pierre Trudeau, his companion (name unknown), Bill Williams, Eddie Goldenberg, Pam Purvis, John Macfarlane, Peter Stollery.
Second row from back: Ted Johnson, Tim Kotcheff, Sharon Vance, Mary Fowler. 
Next row: Craig Oliver, John Godfrey, Linda Intaschi, David Silcox, Bob Fowler.
Front Row: Susan Kotcheff, Trish Bongard Godfrey, Sheila Williams.

Canoe Reunion – 1990


Back row L-R: Tim Kotcheff, Linda Intaschi, Susan Kotcheff, David Silcox,Ted Johnson, Denis Harvey, John Macfarlane.
Middle row: Anne-Marie Bergeron, Eddie Goldenberg, Craig Oliver with baby Annie Claire, John Godfrey, Peter Stollery.
Front Row: Bob Fowler, Sharon Vance, Mary Fowler, Louise Lore, Nancy Isenberg. 

On the Ajaqutalik River – August 1990

Group Ajaqutalik

L-R: Tim Kotcheff, John Macfarlane, Craig Oliver, Peter Stollery, Eddie Goldenberg, John Godfrey, Bill Williams, Ted Johnson. 

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