Noatak River – Alaska


Snare River – NWT


Thomsen River – Banks Island


Ruggles River – Ellesmere Island


Kongakut, Alaska


Rowley River – Baffin Island


Isortoq River – Baffin Island


Back River – NWT


Hanbury/Thelon – Nunavut


Ajaqutalik River – Nunavut


Burnside River – Nunavut


Bonnet Plume – Yukon


Wind River – Yukon


Stikine – BC/Yukon


Hood River – Nunavut


Pelly River – NWT


Koroc River – Quebec


Nahanni River – NWT

Map by Celia Braves

Index of Rivers Paddled & Participants

Beginning in the 1970’s, and spanning more than three decades, I had the privilege of exploring some 25 Arctic and sub-Arctic rivers. For the first few years Craig Oliver and I canoed alone. But in 1977 we began inviting friends and colleagues to join us in our annual pursuit. They are listed below beside the date and name of each river. These canoeists are also noted in ‘Profiles’ under ‘Canoe Gang’ in the menu bar.

The river links take you to stories written by members of the canoe group. Same with the ‘hotspots’ in the above map. The stories about our Arctic adventures include: anecdotes, outstanding geographical features, the wildlife we encountered along the way and of course, the many photos taken on each trip. Enjoy!

Rivers Run

Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff
Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff
Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff
Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff
Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff
1977 Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, Jean Pelletier, Peter Stollery, Ian Urquhart, Michael Sainsbury.
1978 Petawawa River Ontario Steve Blair, Tim Kotcheff, David Silcox, Craig Oliver, Peter Stollery and John Godfrey.
1978 Peter Stollery, Jean Pelletier, John Godfrey, David Silcox, Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff.
1979 Pierre Trudeau, David Silcox, John Gow, Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, Peter Stollery, Jean Pelletier, John Godfrey.
1980 Robert Duemling, Peter Stollery, Ted Johnson, John Gow, John Godfrey, Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, David Silcox.
Coppermine River – NWT & Nunavut
Denis Harvey, Ian MacPhail, Ruth Macdonald, Don Macdonald, Murray Oliver, Craig Oliver, David Silcox, Althea Macdonald.
1982 John Godfrey, David Silcox, Peter Stollery, Ted Johnson, Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver.
1983 John Macfarlane, Craig Oliver, John Gow, David Silcox, Tim Kotcheff, Ted Johnson, Peter Stollery, John Godfrey.
1984 Bob Fowler, Eddie Goldenberg, John Macfarlane, Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, Ted Johnson, John Godfrey, Peter Stollery.
1985 Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, Peter Stollery, John Godfrey, Ted Johnson, Denis Harvey.
1986 John Macfarlane, John Gow, John Godfrey, Tim Kotcheff, Peter Stollery, Craig Oliver.
1987 Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff, Ted Johnson, David Silcox, Peter Stollery, John Macfarlane.
1988 Peter Stollery, John Godfrey, Tim Kotcheff, Joe Egerszegi.
1989 Upper Missinaibi River Jonathan Kotcheff, Tim Kotcheff
1989 John Gow, Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff, Eddie Goldenberg, John Godfrey, Ted Johnson, Bob Fowler, Peter Stollery
1990 Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, Eddie Goldenberg, Ted Johnson, John Godfrey, John Macfarlane, Bill Williams, Peter Stollery.
1991 Point Lake on the Coppermine – NWT Jonathan Kotcheff, Tim Kotcheff, Robert Birnbaum, Sally McLean Birnbaum, Alice Birnbaum, Leah Birnbaum, Ted Johnson, Connie Johnson.
1992 Ruggles River – Ellesmere Island Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, Peter Stollery, Ted Johnson, Bill Fox, Eddie Goldenberg, Ross Howard, John Godfrey.
1994 Stikine River – BC/Yukon Pierre Trudeau, Ted Johnson, Tim Kotcheff, Craig Oliver, John Macfarlane, Peter Stollery, Eddie Goldenberg, John Gow.
1995 Ted Johnson, Tim Kotcheff, Eddie Goldenberg, John Gow, Peter Stollery, George Falconer, Tim Mason, John Macfarlane.
1996 Petawawa River – Ontario David Silcox, Tim Kotcheff, Wally Schaber, Pierre Trudeau, John Godfrey, Craig Oliver, Peter Stollery, Ted Johnson.
1998 David Silcox, Bill Williams, Craig Oliver, Tim Kotcheff, John Macfarlane, Peter Stollery, Allan Rock, George Falconer, Ted Johnson. Eddie Goldenberg.
2002 Horton River – NWT Planned but never undertaken.
2006 Petawawa River – Algonquin Park John Godfrey, Tim Kotcheff, John Macfarlane, Ted Johnson, Peter Stollery, Craig Oliver.