Equipment and Medical kit

Equipment List – 2 man canoe Clothing
Life Jacket Hat with brim and tie on
Sleeping bag (down) & liner Sun glasses
Tent & Fly Hiking boots
Mattress – therma-rest self inflating Sneakers
Rain Gear – pants and jacket Light shirt or light turtleneck
Knife Heavy wool shirt
Woods 200 canoe bag Wool socks – 3 pair heavy duty
Waterproof plastic bag for sleeping gear Toiletries
Waterproof bag for personal belongings Heavy Wool Sweater
Toilet paper 2 pair cotton or wool trousers
25-40′ bow/stern line Underwear
Insect repellant Bandana
Hand soap – biodegradable liquid tube Pyjamas
Mosquito Jacket Additional shirt or T-shirts as required
Hand towel Down vest or jacket
Main and spare paddle Strong leather belt
Drinking cup 2 pair thermal underwear & tops
Sun tan lotion
First aid kit & medical guide book, chapstick Optional
Matches in waterproof container Small pillow or pillow case for clothes
Compass Mittens, Mosquito hat
Axe/saw Extra shoe laces
Canoe repair kit String
Canoe Bailer & sponge Knee pads
Small tool kit,
scissors, copper wire
Writing materials
Stove, fuel, back-up stove, grate Thermometer
Survival kit including steel signal mirror Rubber Gloves for cold weather paddling
Bailer and sponge Pills/medicine
Folding chair Shaving equipment
Knee pads Small flashlight, candles
Duct tape/masking tape Camera, film, tripod (plus pelican case)
Cutting board Waterproofing for boots,
Optional Cooking
GPS & Radio Dishes, cups, cutlery, dish soap, towels
Diary and pencil Scrubbers, pots, frying pan, containers
Binoculars for bird watching Freezer box, plastic food bags, etc
Fishing Gear Knife sharpener
Camera & Film, waterproof container
Sewing Kit
Medical Kit
Aspirins Coconut cream
Painkiller BFI powder – anti infection
Vitamins Gravol – anti vomit
Antibiotics Anti-histamine – Pyrene Benzomene (insect bites)
Gauze – 2 inch width Salt pills
Bandages – wide band & butterfly Halzone pills
Adhesive tape – 2 inch by 5 yards Hypodermic Syringe with large and small needles
Plastic adhesive strips Hemostatic forceps
Eye ointment Needles & sutures (nylon with needle attached)
Suppositories Clinical thermometer
Diarrhea pills Tweezers
Oil of cloves Mosquito clamp
Cleaning ointment
Cotton batting Demerol/codeine
Clamps Lemossil
Rubber tournique band – 30 inches Vitamins
Stitches and pins Tetracycline antibiotic capsules
Scissors Kaopectate/lomotil