July 11, 2000

Subject: Food – Canoe Group Stag Weekend, September 9-10

To: Ted Johnson & Members of the Arctic and Rideau Canal Canoe Club
From: John Macfarlane and Tim Kotcheff

Got your note thanks. It’s good to see that the canoe team tradition has survived a quarter of a century. Everyone has a good time while the ‘chefs ply their trade’. We are of course honoured and privileged to serve such an important group. We’ll do you proud.

Accordingly, John and I will be collaborating on the cuisine to make sure all the important tummies are pleasantly filled and you’ll be happy to know everything’s already under control. Our current plan involves throwing a supply of delectable wieners (Maple Leaf) into a frying pan, topped with some very tasty pre-cooked beans (Libby’s). A sumptuous meal at any time of the day (saves on bread too). Simplicity being the order of the day, we’ll be overcooking on the first night to ensure there’s enough prepared food for the next evening. This in turn, will help save on electricity.

For the vegetarians, we’re preparing Kraft dinners. We’ll need a large pot. Again, overcooking the first night will ensure a handy supply throughout the weekend – breakfast, dinners, snacks, etc.We can leave the pot on the stove and people can eat at their convenience.

John says some of his favorite chefs in town will make a careful selection of local beer to go with the wieners. Aroma, body and vintage will of course guide his decisions. And for the sake of variety, we’re stocking up on some selected wine coolers from Niagara.

And even better news – John says, Toronto Life has a deal with Country Style donuts so we’re procuring a large batch of discount stickles for dessert and breakfast. We might be able to get coffee too. We’ll assign that chore to Peter who by the way has volunteered to bring all the food up in his van. Isn’t that great! I asked him to make sure the truck is air-conditioned. Could be messy if he forgets (specially the stickies). Maybe he can pursuade Eddie to organize the freezer box since it was left with him after the Back escapade.

We didn’t plan on lunches. Hope that’s okay with you. We can eat big in the morning and at dinner (saves on dishes).

As you can see we’re well organized and looking forward to a great weekend. We do want to assure you that cuisine-wise we’re going to do our very best to make this an unforgettable experience for you and all the guests. As mentioned earlier, we’re going to do you proud!

Love and kisses,

John and Tim

PS We’re pretty sure we can bring everything in for just under 300 bucks a head.

Reply from Ted Johnson


July 28, 2000

From: Ted Johnson
To: John Macfarlane and Tim Kotcheff

Re: Canoe Group Stag Weekend (September 9/10 Get Together)

Good news! There’ll be an improvement in the food!

Ted Johnson

CC:  The Arctic Canoe Gang

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